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    Hey everyone! We’re so excited that our Defy headlining tour is finally underway, we have dates all over the world & we couldn’t be more excited to share our new music with all of you! We want to involve all of you in the exclusive content we will be creating on these upcoming tour dates so we’d like some feedback in the comments on what you’d like to see from us! More Q&A...

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    EIGHT DAYS AWAY. Where to begin... Last year was a turbulent one. I witnessed one of my closest friends fight for his life against drug dependency and beat it. I saw indescribable acts of human depravity in the form of numerous terrorist attacks. I also saw completely selfless acts of human kindness and pure love. I had friends pass away, and friends give birth to new lives. Last year...

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    Ampersand Members! Check out this exclusive tour blog from Tino. Stay tuned for more!


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    Hi everyone !!! So my friend Cylia and I went to see Of Mice And Men..... IN NEW YORK !!! We're both french and both living in France (Paris) and we took that crazy decision of flying over for only ONE show the day they announced the Defy Tour. At first it was a joke kinda???? but we decided that we really wanted to go so we did it !!! It was my first time in the USA.. EVER, not...

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    Anyone planning on seeing OM&M at some point in the tour? If already done so, how was the VIP experience? The experience is worth checking out if the opportunity is available for you guys out there; I got to chat a few Ampersand Members, share a couple moments with the band, and enjoyed the performances at the Wonder Ballroom this year. It has been nice getting to know those people that were...


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